Thursday, May 26, 2016

Clamp Multimeter – Step by Step Guide for Using MultiMeter

Clamp multimeter will help you to evaluate the electronic current and voltage without slicing cables as well as without opening the electrical panel. The cord of these devices are easily clamped with the mulimeter. You can pick the feature you want to use and the multimeter will show you instant results on display. The output result can be get in both volts and amperes which will depend on the source you measure which may be current or voltage. This will a best troubleshooting devices for home based appliance. If the voltage is present in the circuit but the current is not following through the appliances then there is a fault with the power supply of the appliance. Here is more info for you.

Step 1

In first step you need to be sure that the electronic device or appliances you are going to evaluate will be plugged in and connected to the electric outlet. If you found that there is no voltage in the circuit then circuit can be checked after checking the breaker for surety about that it has not been triggered.

Step 2

In the second step you must select one of the measurement features that you are going to use. Every clamp multimeter have their own way to select any function Like some clamp meter have knob which help you to select any function that you need but on other hand some clamp meter have buttons which will be pushed to select a function.
Now it’s time for you to select the power source which may be voltage or even current. It'll be the fantastic idea for you in checking that you must sure that voltage exists in the circuit before you are checking the current existing as if you will see no voltage present, you will see no current also, a problem has been an wall plug or the circuit breaker.

Step 3

In next phase, you need to select any type of the current as well as voltage that you are going to measure. Eve you are using an electric current or voltage there are further two type for both power source. You need to select either AC for the alternating electric current as well as you can choose a DC for the direct current. Most of the electric outlet that are located in any residence area ha AC voltage.

Step 4

After that you need to attach the cord of electronic device with the pincers of multimeter.It important to write down the result that showing on the display of the multimeter. It'll be the fantastic idea that you will check the reading again and see if you are getting the duplicate readings which mean you get the exact measurement. But if you are not getting the same reading again and again try to check the clamp pincers that it is tightly connected with the power cord. After that you must unclamp your pincer from the power cord and then switch off your clamp multimeter

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