Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Criteria of a good robotic lawn mower

Robots are becoming more and more important in our daily lives, whether robot vacuums are beginning to be a special place for our interior, automatic lawn mowers are also looking to get a place in the sun.

We must admit that mowing the lawn is a daunting task for which I have not found anyone to do it with pleasure. So we looked at the case of robotic mowers to see if these devices are now effective and to provide a list of criteria to choose a good robotic mower.
The first issue that will make or not to opt for a robotic mower is your land. If your lawn is larger than 3000 m², it is on a slope (roughly above 25%) or if you have several forms of "weird" clippings surfaces and narrow, so we strongly advise against buying a robot mower!

By cons, if you have a reasonably sized ground, relatively flat OR you want to facilitate the work of mowing by delimiting an area dedicated to robot mower while you occupy delicate parts (steep, narrow, massive ledges then you can seriously consider buying a robot mower.
Here are the criteria that allowed us to classify the different models of robot mowers to provide this ranking.

The quality of mowing

If the mower cannot mow properly, it has no interest. Sometimes the mower will not mow all the ground at once, but after several loads, it must be passed everywhere.

The management of the surface of mowing and Obstructions:

Another essential point, it is imperative that the mower is able to do its job without blocking by not smashing the amenities of the garden or vandalizing flowers and other solid or by typing strongly against the trees and shrubs. This is often one of the most problematic and you will have to arrange your field and / or define your field to protect sensitive areas.

Crossing slopes

The mower must be able to cross the small mounds of the problem without land but some models can reach important slopes while other models will be in trouble at the slightest incline.

Programmable / return to base to recharge automatic: these 2 points can provide a significant advantage for robot mowers thereby gain autonomy (and comfort for the user).

The other points to consider:

  • The recommended mowing area: A good look to choose a suitable mower. If possible, do not hesitate to take a mower with a recommended surface area greater than your actual mowing area.
  • Further come into play to classify different devices such as consumer reviews, the ability to mow several areas, autonomy, charging time.
All these criteria have therefore given a final mark of 20 which allows us to decide between the different models of robotic mowers.

For now, we have not been able to find enough reliable tests and of user experience feedback in order to provide a ranking taking into account all brands.

However, we can offer you these first ranking criteria. We especially recommended checking if your property matches the characteristics of the sheep-robot.

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